Our friends at Top Speed have elaborated a potential look for BMW's rumored M2 CSL allegedly coming next year.


The M2 isn't even out yet, but already we are hearing from source close to Bavaria that a more hardcore version is planned for 2016. It will apparently bring back the Coupe Sport Lightweight (CSL) suffix and the model will likely serve as a celebration for BMW's centenary. The Vision Gran Turismo concept could be a glimpse of the rumored M2 CSL and this attached render is basically a toned down version of the virtual concept unveiled more than a year ago.

It seems BMW has plans for an expanded lineup of CSL models and the M2 Coupe will be the first to benefit from this treatment. Expect a more aggressive body, extra power, less weight and a price to match. The "regular" M2 will be introduced in about a month from now with an estimated starting price of €54,000 in Germany, so a hypothetical CSL will be more than €60,000, but probably still at a significant distance from the €72,500 M4.

If the report about an M2 CSL is legit, most likely BMW will sell it as a limited-run special edition rather than as a regular production car and that way they will be able to justify what we expect to be an exorbitant price tag.