Rolls-Royce has officially unveiled the new Dawn convertible prior to the car's global premiere at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Despite featuring a familiar design, the new luxury cabrio has 80% unique body details with 2:1 wheel height to body height, a long bonnet, short front overhang, a long rear overhang and a high shoulder line. At the front, the massive radiator grille is recessed by around 45 mm whilst the lower front bumper has been extended 53 mm compared to the Wraith. This, according to the company, has been done to “focus the eye on the jet air intake face and to make the car feel focused, even when standing still.”

The rear end of the car is echoing the “elegant design of early ‘boat tail’ Rolls-Royce drophead coupes”. The roof deck is being described as an “amazing work of modern craftsmanship”. The wood for it can be selected by the customers to suit their individual taste with the same pattern being used for different panels in the interior too.

Speaking of the cabin, it features a 2+2 seat configuration and plenty of wooden and leather details. The seats have been designed to help emphasize the “energetic, yet elegant intent and sense of purpose of the car”. Of course, as one would expect of a Rolls-Royce, the machine has all the posh options including a four-zone automatic climate control, Bespoke premium audio system with sixteen individually-tuned speakers, chrome decorative inserts, etc.

The car’s retracting roof is operating in “almost complete silence” in around 20 seconds at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph). The Rolls-Royce engineering team wanted to create the quietest convertible car in the world today and used a “perfectly smooth surface”, combined with the so-called French Seam. These ensure the air flow over the car with the roof up creates no noticeable wind noise.

Power is provided by a 6.6-liter biturbo V12 unit, generating 563 bhp (420 kW) at 5,250rpm and 780 Nm (575 lb-ft) of torque at 1,500rpm. The car uses a dynamic accelerator pedal mapping which delivers up to 30% increased response at medium throttle. 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration takes 4.9 seconds, while top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155 mph).

More info is available at the press release section below. 

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