From 1977 to 1981, the Free Wheeling Package gave a variety of Ford trucks, SUVs, and vans colorful body stripes that brightened the exterior. TestDrivenTV took their long-term 2022 Maverick test truck and gave it custom stripes that took inspiration from the old-school look.

This Maverick has a light blue body that is the perfect canvas for the retro-colored stripes because it's a shade you could imagine seeing on a truck from the 1970s. It rides on white-painted steel wheels that match the aesthetic.

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The stripes are vinyl and have a color gradient that runs from burnt orange to beige, tan, and white. In addition to being on the truck's flanks, they're also on the hood. Smaller touches include a white line in the grille and white Maverick lettering on the tailgate.

The builder said the stripes had a cost of around $300. He planned out the design in photoshop and made paper patterns for each element. The installation took a few weekends of work. The goal was to create a look that was like what Ford would have offered from the factory.

Once the current tires require replacement, the builder plans to install a new set of wheels.  Judging from the video, he's planning on fitting pieces with a more modern aesthetic.

Ford is currently preparing to expand the Maverick's lineup with more models. For example, recent spy shots indicate that a sporty ST model is under development. The truck appears to have modifications like dual exhaust outlets, wider fenders, a lower ride height, and tweaks for improved powertrain cooling.

Ford applied for a trademark on "Maverick Tremor" in Chile. Although, as of this writing, there hasn't been a similar filing in the United States. Ford uses this moniker on mildly rugged versions of its F-Series trucks.

Ford also has a trademark on "Rattler." There's speculation the company could use this name on a model with an equivalent position to where the Raptor falls in the F-150 and Ranger lineups.

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