British media is reporting Renault's upcoming new Alpine lineup will also include a crossover.

Although the Alpine sportscar has apparently been delayed until at least 2017, that doesn't seem to affect Renault's greater plan to expand the lineup by adding a crossover. This second body style is expected to see the light of production day in 2018 and apparently it's already in an advanced stage of development.

Interestingly, the report specifies it will be a hybrid with an all-wheel drive system and this decision has been taken after Nissan has allegedly decided to rethink the Z model as a sporty crossover with a hybrid setup and AWD.

As a side note, it is believed Renault design boss Laurens van den Acker was asked by company’s top brass to cancel designing a production version of the 2010 DeZir concept in order to work on the revived Alpine sportscar.

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