Chinese car manufacturer Zotye has introduced the S21 crossover at the Chengdu Motor Show.


After their Porsche Macan lookalike, Zotye is striking back with a fake Audi Q3 taking the shape of the S21 crossover with an interior design mimicking the Tesla Model S. It's 2015, but old habits die hard among Chinese automakers and Zotye's design team still prefers to just make some minor modifications to existing models from reputable automakers, without actually taking any big risks of getting sued as the laws in China for copyright infringement are rudimentary.


Design aside, local media is reporting the Zotye S21 comes with a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine sending power through either a standard five-speed manual or an optional continuously variable transmission.

Like we mentioned in previous articles, such clones aren't really any threat for the original models since the price difference between the real deal and the impersonator is in all cases huge, so anyone who is in the market for a real Audi Q3 won't decide to save money and go for the S21, especially since from a technical point of view the cars have nothing in common.


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