Non-amphibious cars getting a taste of Vitamin Sea are becoming a common occurrence these days. In fact, another one bit the dust, or rather the sand, as a Nissan GT-R from the Philippines went off to swim without its owner's permission. You can watch the harrowing ordeal through the video above.

According to the witnesses we spoke to, the driver of the GT-R was attending a drag racing event in Cebu – one of the major islands in the Philippines, an archipelagic country. The driver apparently left the car in neutral and the parking brake disengaged after stopping the V6-powered coupe.

Nissan GT-R Submerged In Seawater
Nissan GT-R Submerged In Seawater

Unfortunately, the parking spot was situated on an incline directed toward the sea. Without any barrier, the GT-R rolled off to the seawater and stayed afloat for a short while before finally sinking.

Bystanders were quick to help and tried to pull the Japanese sports car back to the shore. They were successful, albeit we can't say whether the GT-R will survive being completely submerged in water, more so in an extremely corrosive environment.

Of note, the Nissan GT-R's Godzilla moniker doesn't come with the fictional monster's amphibious/reptilian capability.

There are things we can learn from this scenario. One is that the GT-R, despite its weight, is apparently buoyant enough to stay afloat for seconds. Kidding aside, we should all be wary of our surroundings before leaving the car. More importantly, make sure that the parking brake is engaged and the gear isn't in neutral when parking. These might sound basic but are potentially catastrophic when neglected, as we've witnessed here.

Just a few days ago, a Land Cruiser police car got stuck on the beach and was then swamped by the tide. It took hours before the SUV was pulled out of the water. On the other hand, a Ford Bronco spent its time submerged in seawater for quite some time, spending its weekend underwater.

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