In about a month from now, Mazda will reopen its fully renovated museum at its Hiroshima, Japan, headquarters. The museum has undergone a complete makeover over the last few years and it's now finally ready to greet visitors from all around the world. Additionally, an online version of the museum has been launched allowing visitors unable to travel to Japan to browse through the museum’s displays.

The exterior and interior of the museum have been finished in a monotone color scheme coupled with warm lighting and wood surfaces. This design concept is inspired by Mazda’s recent design language seen in the brand’s models. There are 10 different exhibition zones with decor and lighting that match the respective zone’s theme. 

Gallery: Renovated Mazda museum in Hiroshima

Below you can find a list of the 10 exhibition zone and the displays they include:

Museum Exhibits
Entrance hall:  Embodies Mazda brand style and showcases the latest Mazda models
Zone 1: 1920 – 1959:  Origin of Monotsukuri (car-making) spirit
Zone 2, 3: 1960+:  Paving the way to becoming a diversified vehicles manufacturer
Zone 4:  Motorsports: A global challenge for Mazda.
Zone 5, 6, and 7: 1960+:  Paving the way to becoming a diversified vehicles manufacturer
Zone 8: Technology:  Mazda’s human-centric Monotsukuri
Zone 9:  Vehicle assembly line tour
Zone 10:  Mazda’s vision for the next 100 years

The entire exhibition tracks Mazda’s more than a decade-long history and provides visitors with a preview of the company’s vision for the next century of making cars. There’s a special section where visitors can sit and relax and get a closer experience of the brand in digital form, while also having direct contact with Mazda’s recent model range. Additionally, factory tours are available, during which you can observe actual vehicle assembly.

Alternatively, if you can’t visit Mazda’s Hiroshima headquarters, you can make an online tour of the museum – from your phone, tablet, or laptop. For the time being, the online experience is available only in Japanese, though an international English version is expected to be added very soon. Also, there’s a dedicated Mazda Kids Channel, where the automaker provides easy-to-understand explanations of the automotive industry and the way it functions. 

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