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Ever since the new Toyota Supra A90 went on sale, owners have been eager to swap out BMW's engine for the iconic 2JZ. One such example found its way onto Hoonigan's new show called "Dyno Everything," and it set a high benchmark for the rest of the series.

The tuned Toyota packed the 3.0-liter 2JZ inline-six engine built to the max. The engine features a Precision Turbo 7675 turbocharger (the owner installed the night before the dyno runs), new internals, and an upgraded drivetrain that has struggled to handle all of the power. Not even the owner knows how much horsepower it makes, but he believes it delivers around 900 horsepower (671 kilowatts).

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The first pull is a bit of a dud, with the Supra pumping out just 545 hp (406 kW) to the rear wheels. That's more than the stock figures but far below the owner's prediction. This prompts a recalibration for the second pull where we get a new baseline figure – 917 hp (683 kW). That's much closer but still a tad below expectations and hopes. The third and final pull fails to exceed the second one, but the car still delivers a powerful 897 hp (668 kW).

The 2020 Supra arrived with a turbocharged 3.0-liter engine making 335 horsepower (240 kilowatts), so the tuned Toyota is a significant improvement. However, there was speculation that Toyota underrated the new Supra by a bit.

The new show's premise revolves around the Hoonigan crew predicting a car's dyno number using Price is Right rules. The lowest guess of 650 hp (484 kW) won for the first episode, with the rest guessing too high. Hoonigan offered the Supra owner the chance at a fourth pull to beat its 917-hp figure, but the owner declined. He was cautious about deciding to crank up the power without properly dialing it in beforehand.

We expect Hoonigan's new series to be full of surprises as it rolls a variety of makes and models onto the dyno. We'll see "simple cars, stupid cars, race cars, and brown cars" hit the dyno in future episodes. 

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