This video showing a modified Nissan Z on the track presents an automotive conundrum. The uploader speculates this is the Nismo variant of the upcoming coupe, but there are weird things about this clip that makes us wonder about that.

The video is just three seconds long and shows the mysterious Z passing the driver of a Honda S2000. Compared to the standard version of the Nissan, this one appears to have widened front fenders, and the dark color suggests the panels might be carbon fiber. The side sills seem larger. The clip is grainy, but it looks like there's a spoiler on the roof, and the piece is black, suggesting this might also be carbon fiber. Plus, the rear deck wears a prominent wing.

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This Z also appears to be riding lower than the stock vehicle. Also, there might be some modification to the exhaust because there's a bright semi-circle that only appears to be on the right side. The road-going Z has dual exhaust outlets – one on each side.

There are lots of little factors that raise questions about this video, though. The main sticking point is the clip's brevity. The camera car and the Z are clearly on a track. It would be odd for one or both of them to only do a single lap, so there should be more chances to see the Nissan beyond just these three seconds.

Also, it seems very unusual for Nissan to show off a previously unannounced model at what appears to be a public track day. There doesn't even appear to be camouflage on this Z.

The new Z doesn't go on sale until late June in Japan. This means we have to rule out a customer buying one and making these modifications.

With all of this in mind, we have to take the uploader's assertion that this is the new Nismo Z with a grain of salt. Although, it's also not clear what we are looking at here.

It's not yet clear when the new Z goes on sale in the United States. A rumor suggests they might start arriving in June. Pricing isn't available for the model in this market, either.

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