Mercedes dipped its toes into the electric SUV market in 2019 with the EQC. The smaller EQA and EQB followed in 2021, but the first high-riding EV to ride on a dedicated platform is breaking cover today. As its name implies, the EQS SUV will take the luxurious liftback and give it a taller ride height while adding a third row of seats. It was supposed to make an appearance in Beijing, but the show has been delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19.

As seen in the attached photo gallery, the three-pointed star has already revealed the interior in full. That might seem a bit odd, but we're not entirely surprised since the posh cabin will be virtually carried over from the EQS. Yes, it's getting the gargantuan 56-inch Hyperscreen, plus an optional third-row providing more comfort than the GLE's rearmost seats.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

Not that many people will drive the EQS SUV on anything else but tarmac, but Mercedes has engineered the vehicle with a dedicated off-road mode and even a hill-descent control feature. It goes without saying the flagship sport utility vehicle will have 4Matic, with one electric motor driving the front wheels and the other powering the rear axle.

As far as size is concerned, it'll be longer than the GLE but shorter than the GLS while carrying over the EQS liftback's 126.4-inch wheelbase. We've already driven a prototype and Mercedes showed the EQS SUV can handle steep inclines of more than 20 degrees and declines of over 40 degrees without damaging the underbody.

For a more competent electric off-roader, you'll have to wait for the Concept EQG to morph into a production model in the coming years.

Another important known feature is the 10-degree rear-wheel steering borrowed from the regular EQS to lower the turning circle and make the electric mastodont easier to handle in a crowded city. The list of goodies is extensive since it includes standard air suspension, a 360-degree camera, and video-playing capability for occupants on the passenger side. There's an in-car camera keeping an eye on the driver, and should the person behind the wheel try to sneak a peek, the video will automatically stop playing.

Mercedes will assemble the EQS SUV in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where it's also going to build the smaller EQE SUV due to be unveiled likely before the year's end.

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