Concept cars are meant to showcase what an automaker can do in the future. However, some concepts are too futuristic for their own good, sometimes even showcasing Hollywood sci-fi stuff.

This futuristic driver's cockpit concept begs to differ. Called COMFI, it's touted as an innovative cockpit for a comfortable driving experience, developed by Hyundai Mobis.

Of note, Hyundai Mobis is the parts and services arm of Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia. It's tasked to manufacture chassis, front-end, and cockpit modules, along with after-sales service components and other spare parts that Hyundai Group vehicles need.

COMFI stands for Convenient & Comfortable, Optimized, Movable, Functional, and Illuminated – all five representing the features that the highly digital cockpit offer.

Convenient & Comfortable represents the projection switch by the center console and the electronically retractable smart table on the passenger's side. The table comes embedded with a keyboard but it's most useful as a table for those who need to work on the go. The parabolic motion of the glove box falls under this category as well.

Under Optimized, COMFI boasts its Blooming Sound System which features speakers that open outward and independently if needed. The knob controller under the screen slides into place as well, while the instrument panel touts real wood inserts.

Movable, on the other hand, showcases the movable parts within the futuristic cabin. The camera monitoring display for the side cameras slides into place, while the steering wheel has a pop-up function when the supposed vehicle comes alive. Even the 12.3-inch infotainment screen is also movable.

Function features an electric multi-functional air vent that converts to wind-free mode (with ambient lighting) depending on the passenger's preferences. The air purifier in the cabin also converts into a perfume diffuser.

Lastly, Illuminated, which, as its name suggests, represents the illuminated parts within the COMFI cabin. The ambient lighting has a 3D pattern, as well.

Hyundai Mobis notes that COMFI is just a concept. However, each of the technology that you see here is ready for application. And given the practicality of these features, I don't see why not. We may even see these features in the next Hyundai and Kia vehicles soon.

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