After seeing spy shots for years, the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV finally debuts on April 19 at 12:00 PM CEST (6:00 AM EDT). The company has one last teaser for the high-riding luxury EV before the unveiling.

The brief video (below) shows various closeups of the EQS SUV. Viewers see the rear seat, the wheels, taillights, the closed grille, and the headlights illuminating. At the very beginning, there's a distorted look at the whole vehicle in a reflection.


The EQS SUV will share the same platform as the existing EQS sedan, but this model will appeal to folks who prefer a higher-riding vehicle. Mercedes promises a high-tech interior, which is no surprise because this is also a major selling point for the four-door. One major difference is that this one can seat up to seven people with the optional third row.

Mercedes says the EQS SUV can cover up to 373 miles (600 kilometers) on a charge. If the powertrain is the same as the EQS sedan, there would be a single-motor, rear-drive 450+ model with 329 horsepower (245 kilowatts)and 406 pound-feet (550 newton-meters). The 580 4Matic would make 516 hp (385 kW) and 611 lb-ft (828 Nm). Plus, the AMG version of the four-door has 751 hp (560 kW) and 752 lb-ft (1,020 Nm).

Another factor differentiating the SUV from the sedan is off-road ability. It's hard to imagine anyone buying the four-door taking it off the street. In contrast, the EQS SUV will have drive modes that will tailor the drivetrain for going onto rugged terrain.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV had the opportunity to ride in a prototype for the EQS SUV earlier this year. The vehicle's exterior was under camouflage, but the supplied images (above) showed the unconcealed cabin. Editor Jeff Perez found that the dashboard looked largely identical to the EQS sedan, including features like the digital instrument cluster, 17.7-inch touchscreen, and 12.3-inch passenger-side-mounted screen.

Mercedes will build the EQS SUV at its Tuscaloosa, Alabama, factory. Following the debut, the model will go on sale for the 2023 model year.

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