It's no secret that Volkswagen is going all-in on electrification, not only in Europe but also in the US and the rest of the world. The German marque has already started introducing initial members of the ID lineup, with the ID. Buzz was the latest to be unveiled last March.

With a $7.1 billion investment into North America and a target of 55 percent EV sales by 2030, is there a place in the US lineup for an electric pickup truck?

If Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh will have his way, there is. That's according to an interview, reported by Business Insider.

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"I think it's the chance of a lifetime in this segment because electrification gives you a reset moment. It gives you a chance to bring some, let's say, alternatives and some new ideas into this great segment," said Keogh.

He added that the electric pickup truck segment is something that they are "actively looking at, but nothing to actually report now."

Major US brands have already started offering electric trucks in the US, including the top-selling Ford F-150 in the form of the F-150 Lightning. Keogh sees electrification as an opportunity to offer something new on a more level playing field.

"I think a buyer would historically say, 'I buy F-150, I buy Ram, I buy Silverado.' Now they might be saying, 'I'm going to buy an electric one,'" he added. "That reset moment gives a competitive chance to come in, whether it's Rivian or whether it's us."

Volkswagen isn't a rookie on both the truck segment and electric vehicles. It's about to launch the second-generation Amarok midsize pickup truck while investing heavily in EV technology on a global scale. Time will tell whether the German marque will eventually join the EV truck fray or not, but if it does, the competition's getting really tighter by the year.

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