The Minnesota Department of Transportation captured a stunning car crash on video on Monday when a car and box truck collided on the highway. The video is shocking to watch, capturing the collision and the fiery aftermath that no one should have walked away from but did. It’s a dramatic video that shows how quickly a car crash could turn deadly. Thankfully, no one died here.

The car overshoots the highway entrance ramp, traveling at a high rate of speed. It crosses the grass media separating the ramp from the highway, pulling in front of a white box truck that t-bones the car, sending the four-door sedan spinning and the box truck careening into a bridge wall.

The box truck’s hood is ripped away as it crashes into the concrete, and the truck erupts in flames. The truck comes to a stop blocking the entrance ramp with a fire starting to rage underneath it and thick black smoke rising into the air. Miraculously, just as the flames spread and the smoke thickens, both doors open, and the passengers escape.

First responders were quickly on the scene, with firefighters extinguishing the fire in about 15 minutes. The box truck was destroyed, the fire leaving just the charred remains of an unrecognizable passenger compartment. It could have been much worse if the passengers could not have escaped, as the fire quickly reduced the cab to nothing.

Police reported that everyone involved lived, though they did receive non-life-threatening injuries, according to Fox 9 KMSP. The investigation into the crash remains open, but the station is reporting that the passenger car driver is being processed for driving while impaired. According to the report, the driver exhibited suspected signs of impairment.

Things can go wrong in an instant on the highway, where high speeds leave little time to react, if any time at all. The crash between the passenger car and the box truck had every opportunity to turn out much worse than it did, but everyone was able to walk away injured, which is better than not being able to walk away at all.

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