If for some reason you have any concerns about the upcoming Porsche 911 Hybrid lacking the performance ability of its ICE counterpart, here's the video for you. It shows the electrically assisted model lapping the Nürburgring at high speed.

You can tell that this is the 911 Hybrid, rather than another variant because of the yellow sticker on the windshield and rear glass. This indicates to track officials at the 'Ring that the model is electrified.

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Aesthetically, there doesn't appear to be anything that differentiates the 911 Hybrid from the standard Carrera. However, this model still wears the bulbous foglights on each side of the front fascia, and we don't expect these pieces to be on the production car because they look so out of place with the rest of the design. Porsche might have design differentiations between the hybrid and ICE variants that we simply aren't seeing yet.

At the back, Porsche relocates the exhaust pipes to be closer to the center of the vehicle. It continues to have an active rear spoiler.

In its statements about the Porsche 911 Hybrid, the automaker is clear that the intention for the electrically assisted model is to prioritize power rather than fuel efficiency. The powertrain is not a plug-in. The battery is small to limit the weight penalty from the pack. The automaker indicates some of the technology is an adaptation from the 919 Hybrid race car.

The combustion portion of the 911 Hybrid's powertrain is still a mystery. It might use the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six as the Carrera, just with an electric motor providing a boost in performance.

A fully electric 911 is eventually going to happen but not for several years. Porsche says not to expect it before 2030. The next generation of the Boxster and Cayman arrive as EVs in 2025.

The 911 Hybrid will arrive with the refresh of the 992 generation of the model. We expect the updated model to arrive in the latter half of 2022. 

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