Update: The Chrysler Airflow Graphic Concept is revealed. Read all about it in our debut post.

Chrysler is bracing for the electric future. The company says that by 2030, every new car it sells in Europe will be electric. Part of that strategy includes the Airflow. Right now, the electric SUV is just a concept, but it should be one of three production EVs in the brand’s lineup by 2028.

We got our first look at the Airflow Concept earlier this year at CES, boasting all-wheel drive courtesy of two 201-horsepower (150-kilowatt) electric drive modules, and an estimated 350 miles of driving range. But now a second Airflow concept debuts at the New York Auto Show, and Chrysler says that it will be a bit different than the first.

A teaser image from earlier this week shows the Airflow's updated "grille," alongside what Chrysler promises is "a new look" for the concept when it debuts later today. The image suggests this Airflow concept will also have a darker paint job, and with minor updates dotting the exterior – that means it will possibly be closer to production-ready than the CES concept.

Gallery: Chrysler Airflow Concept

Chrysler hopes to launch its first EV by 2025, and it’s possible that the Airflow could be that vehicle. We know that it and other Chrysler EVs that follow will use the same STLA architecture (say "Stella"). The Airflow will occupy the mid-size segment among the trio. All future STLA models, Chrysler says, will offer at least a 400-volt architecture, with some 800-volt models available in the future.

Until we get official word from Chrysler on a production version of the Airflow, you can check out the updated concept car at the New York Auto Show. Chrysler will livestream the event on YouTube at 11:45 EDT (3:45 PM GMT), so keep this tab handy to see the latest incarnation of the Airflow premiere online.

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