It seems that BMW is eager to show us the first-ever M3 Touring – or at least prototypes of it – as the Bavarian brand has yet another new teaser with the speedy wagon. It takes the form of a 6:30-minute video and takes us to the Nurburgring where the long-roof M3 is currently undergoing tests. 

This video is part of the BMW M3 Touring story, a mini-series BMW is releasing on YouTube to prepare BMW enthusiasts for the official and full debut of the wagon. In the third episode, the company talks about the development process of the vehicle and its test regime on the most demanding track in the world.

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From the video, we get to learn that the same team that developed the standard M3 and M4 is also working on the M3 Touring. This includes exterior and interior designers, engine and gearbox engineers, electrics and electronics specialists, suspension experts, and others. The quality control department then inspects the vehicle to make sure it matches BMW’s high-quality build standards.

But who is BMW doing the M3 Touring for? “First and foremost for ourselves. And for people who appreciate cars like these, the combination of high performance and versatility, the spaciousness, which you don’t find in a normal sedan or coupe,” Hagen Franke from the development team explains in the video.

BMW will build the M3 Touring in Munich where the M3 sedan and the 3 Series Touring are also assembled. This fact makes the manufacturer’s task easier, but it will take a while until the tools and production lines are ready to start working on the fast wagon. 

And last but not least, the video talks about testing the M3 Touring at the Nurburgring. This being the fastest 3 Series-based wagon, BMW wants to make sure every single part of the chassis and aerodynamics works as it should. After all, the engine and transmission are already proven, but the new components need to be tested and the German track is the place where prototypes can reach speeds of “much” more than 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour).

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