The latest teaser video for the Audi Urbansphere gives us a better glimpse at the front and rear, in addition to showing a little of the interior. The full debut is on April 19.

The clip starts with a light show of the taillights and then the headlamps. There are quite a few LED lamps at both ends. Then we see prima ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan. She gets into the Urbansphere. She's sitting in a chair with a headrest that wraps around the sides of her head.


Next, we get to see even more of the cabin. A console, which appears to be between the seats, opens to reveal four cups of tea on a serving. Presumably, this area is heated to keep the drinks warm.

The illuminated walls are still present from the earlier teaser. Against of one of there, there's a controller that appears to let the seats move into a nearly flat position, which would be useful for napping on the road.

The final shot shows what appears to be the dashboard. The phrase "Floating Membrane" is visible on the right. No physical buttons are visible.

Audi Urbansphere Concept Teaser Cropped
Audi Urbansphere Concept Teaser

The previous teaser for the Urbansphere concept (above) didn't let us see much of the vehicle because the lighting was so dark. You have a glimpse of the long windshield and short nose. There are lights in the cabin, and two rows of seats are visible.

Audi Urban Sphere
Audi Urbansphere

Audi also showed a drawing of the Urbansphere. It depicts the concept as what looks like a large crossover. There's a thick pillar at the rear. The overhangs at the front and rear are short.

The Urbansphere is the third in the "sphere" family of concepts that aim to show future shapes for autonomous motoring. The Skysphere came first as a two-seat, open-roof sports car with a wheelbase that could extend or retract. The Grandsphere was a luxury sedan that measured 17.6 feet long to create a spacious cabin.

There's no indication that Audi intends to put these concepts into production, at least as we are seeing them in these presentations. The vehicles provide a glimpse of what the company is considering for the future.

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