We haven't heard much from Lincoln recently, at least in regards to future vehicles. A facelifted Corsair is in the works, but with automakers announcing new electric vehicles on what seems like a weekly basis, the luxury brand has been curiously silent. That's especially true considering Lincoln's parent company Ford is making strides with the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E.

It appears things are about to change. We have our second word today regarding a new all-electric concept from Lincoln, set to debut on April 20. If you're wondering about the first word, we wouldn't blame you if you don't remember. Lincoln mentioned its first EV way back in June 2021, promising a 2022 debut.


Back then, it wasn't clear if this would be a production vehicle or a concept but now it appears the latter is true. And judging by a couple of enhanced screenshots from a new teaser video, it appears to be an SUV.

Lincoln EV Concept Teaser
Lincoln EV Concept Teaser

That shouldn't come as a surprise for a couple of reasons. For starters, SUVs make the world go around, especially at Ford. Secondly, teaser sketches from last June showed a futuristic interior of a two-row, four-seat SUV with big side windows, and we get that same impression from Lincoln's new teaser video.

Gallery: Lincoln first EV teaser images

With the new teasers, the luxury brand says its concept "serves as inspiration for our fully electric Lincoln vehicles coming in the near future." Whether or not this is a radical concept or a near-production vehicle remains to be seen. But with BMW and Mercedes-Benz already pressing forward with electric SUVs, we suspect there's certainly pressure in Lincoln's hierarchy to get something rolling, and soon.

The April 20 debut date also suggests Lincoln, despite calling this a global concept, is targeting China's automotive market very closely. The 2022 Beijing Auto Show was slated to begin on April 21, suggesting that Lincoln was planning to showcase this concept at the event. The show was postponed indefinitely due to a resurgence of COVID-19 in the area.

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