WCF reader Can Eyilik has decided to share his collection of BMW M cars with fans around the world.

Can lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and currently owns three mint BMW M models – a 1987 E30 M3, a 2000 M Coupe and a 2004 E46 M3 CSL. Al three wear their own names – Henna, Junior and Cesil, respectively.

He explains he is a BMW fan since the age of 6 when his father used to take him for “spirited drives” in his E21 315i. His family only owned BMW's so naturally he started with his mom’s E36 318is.

As to the E30 M3 love, Can says “I always lusted for an E30 M3 since a father's friend brought home a poster of a then new E30 M3 when I was only 7 years old”.

“After years of searching and harassing owners, I was finally able to find my E30 M3 in 2007. After briefly owning the car, I went for a full restoration. The engine had been rebuild, all the rust have been cleaned out and all the worn and damaged parts were either restored or replaced with new ones.”

Can also owns an 2000 M Coupé and 2004 M3 CSL, but “none give me the real mechanic connection with the tarmac.” His daily car is a 2006 E86 Z4 Coupé, but it’s “not gallery worthy”, as he explains.

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WCF reader shares his impressive BMW M collection