For various reasons, vehicle prices aren't steady across the United States. Dealer markups have become a common occurrence, which makes finding a dealer that sells brand new cars at the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) quite rare.

According to recent market research by iSeeCars, which looked at over 1.2 million new car listings in the US, the average new car price in the country is 9.9 percent more than the MSRP.

Some vehicles sell way more than that percentage. These are led by the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Maverick – both selling 25 percent over MSRP on average. In some states, though, the markup is even bigger.

The iSeeCars study has the complete list of states and the car that has the highest markup in each one.

10 States With The Highest Percentage Of Markup 
State Vehicle % Above MSRP $ Above MSRP
Pennsylvania Ford Maverick 34.7% $7,843
Virginia Ford Maverick 34.1% $7,554
New Jersey Ford Maverick 34.0% $7,549
Connecticut Jeep Wrangler 32.0% $10,277
Massachusetts Ford Maverick 31.5% $7,091
Colorado Jeep Wrangler 31.2% $10,321
Washington Ford Maverick 30.8% $7,779
Texas Genesis GV70 30.2% $13,197
Wisconsin Jeep Wrangler 29.8% $10,159
South Carolina Jeep Wrangler 29.8% $9,829

Though the price above the MSRP of the Ford Maverick is less than that of the Wrangler, the markup in relation to the MSRP is greater. Pennsylvania shows the highest markup of all, showing 34.7 percent for the Ford compact truck.

However, the study finds that the Jeep Wrangler has the highest markup over MSRP in most states at 15. The Wrangler Unlimited ranks next, showing the highest markup in 9 states. Overall, Jeep vehicles account for the highest marked-up automobiles in 30 states.

Low new car inventory caused by production shutdowns and supply chain issues is the cited culprit for this discrepancy in pricing.

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