Litchfield has introduced their new tuning program for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Developed over the course of several months, the package includes an optimized ECU and Akrapovi titanium exhaust system which weighs 14.2 kg (31.3 lbs) less than the factory unit and produces a "purposeful, sonorous howl."  Thanks to these modifications, the 4.5-liter V8 engine produces and additional 44 bhp (32 kW) and 17 lb-ft (23 Nm) of torque.

Besides the engine tweaks, the company offers a "precision alignment" to a so-called "fast road" setting. Litchfield says this ensures each tire has "the perfect contact patch with the road, as well as creating the optimum steering and chassis geometry to give the car precise, yet benign handling."  

Last but not least, the car is equipped with Goodridge Motorsport stainless steel braided brake hoses which promise to provide "much more positive and precise brake pedal, inspiring confidence during fast road or track driving and giving perfect pedal modulation for ultimate feedback."

Gallery: Litchfield tunes the Ferrari 458 Italia [video]

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