An interesting next generation E-Class prototype wrapped around in camouflage has been caught on camera by our spy photographers.

We have enough reasons to believe this is indeed a more luxurious derivative of the next generation E-Class which will be sold under the newly established Mercedes-Maybach division. First of all, the wheelbase is obviously longer compared to what we have seen on recent E-Class W213 prototypes. Second of all, we think the car now has a third side window after the C pillar in the same vein as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Third of all and perhaps more interesting, we noticed the side and rear windows are tinted probably because the Daimler-owned marque wants to keep prying eyes away from the rear seat area. This is most likely due to the reason the Mercedes-Maybach E-Class will feature very luxurious individual rear seats like its bigger brother.

It's unlikely this is simply a Mercedes-Benz-branded E-Class long wheelbase version because the current model doesn't have the third side windows after the C pillar. In addition, the E-Class L is a China-only model and the wheelbase difference compared to the standard model is not as significant.

Lastly, Mercedes has already expressed its intentions to expand the Maybach portfolio, hinting that two candidates are the next generation E-Class and GL (to be renamed GLS).

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