There's all kinds of stuff happening beneath the ample skin of the GMC Hummer EV. Getting three electric motors, a massive battery pack, and 9,000 pounds of truck to hit 60 mph in 3.0 seconds isn't easy. Wrapping it up in a luxurious package that can be comfortably driven day after day is yet another feat of engineering. Starting from scratch and finishing it all in a period of two years? That's downright impressive.

Perhaps it's okay, then, that not every detail is dialed in. That's commonplace on preproduction models, but lest we forget, the GMC Hummer EV is on sale now. We recently spent time behind the wheel of the insanely fast electric truck for a first drive experience, but deliveries for the limited-run, range-topping Edition 1 began late last year. And apparently, those owners are going to help GMC fill in a blank on an as-yet unassigned feature. Wait, what?

In the center console of the Hummer you'll find the drive mode selector dial. On the right side of the dial is something that looks like a squished letter H, with three small caret symbols forming a pseudo triangle around it. As discovered by GM-Trucks, the button has no specific function and even the folks at GMC don't know what it's for. It sounds weird, but actually, it's supposed to be that way. As it turns out, pushing the button does nothing – expect to deliver a very short message on the Hummer's touchscreen. The message reads:

Your Mode.

Your Mission.

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In short, GMC is seeking input from Hummer EV owners on what that button should do. Ideas are submitted, and once something is decided, GMC will activate the button through an over-the-air update. That means the idea must be something handled through software alone (sorry ejector seat fans), but otherwise, it's a wide-open adventure. Fancy a button that lowers every window in a specific order? Or how about a feature that emits a fart sound every time you hit the gas? Actually, Tesla already has a fart mode, so better nix that idea.

It's certainly a novel way for an automaker to show off over-the-air technology while also giving customers a voice in the development process. Have any thoughts on what the squished H in the triangle should do?

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