Ford introduced the new generation Taurus (CN-spec) earlier this year at Auto Shanghai, but the "premium business sedan" might not make it to United States.

The Blue Oval company hasn't said a word just yet about a U.S. specification of the new Taurus which means the current model will soldier on for at least another year or two. Beyond that, the model's fate is unknown as industry experts estimate Ford could decide to drop it altogether from the company's U.S. lineup since sales of full-size sedans are going down and deliveries of the Taurus plummeted by 28% through July. In addition, Lincoln has a new Continental on the way so Ford probably doesn't want the Taurus to step on its toes.

If Ford will decide to keep the Taurus in United States, most likely it won't be locally produced anymore as it wouldn't represent a viable business case and instead they will simply import the necessary small volume from China.

Gallery: Next generation Ford Taurus might not make it stateside

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