If Marty McFly were here, he'd say this teaser image from DeLorean Motor Company is heavy. If Doc Brown were here, well, you know what he'd say. All we can say after looking at this extremely blurry image is ... huh?

As far as teasers go, this one certainly doesn't tease much. The fact that it's posted on April 1 raises another question: is it actually a teaser or just another automaker ruse? In a post on Facebook, DeLorean plays up the whole April Fools' Day tie-in while offering a #firstlook hashtag. All things considered, we'd say yeah, it's a legit teaser.


What exactly are we seeing? Well, the red streaks are presumably taillights. And if that's the case, we might also be seeing louvers on the back window. There's a vague outline of the roof and body, either painted silver or sporting a stainless steel skin. But it's so blurry we could be looking at the Destroyer from Thor for all we know.

Here's what we do know. In January 2021, Italdesign dropped a bombshell by teasing a shadowed car with gull-wing doors and a DeLorean Motor Company badge in the blacked-out grille. The image came with a statement promising more information in the near future, and it finally came in February 2022. Italdesign announced it was indeed working with the rebooted DMC on a new car. Furthermore, we learned it will be fully electric, and it will debut in August at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. So for those thinking the entire DeLorean thing might actually be a prank? It's not.

This blurry teaser photo probably isn't a prank either, but we suspect someone is getting a good chuckle over people trying to figure it out. The original DeLorean did have a rear window louver, so that could be a connection to this teaser. The '80s icon also had large taillights with small rectangular segments. Three distinct red lines here could suggest the reboot will at least offer a design similar to those lenses. Honestly, we're just excited to see a teaser photo with some color to it.

With four months until Pebble Beach, it's safe to assume we'll see a few more teasers before the reveal. Hopefully, the person behind the camera will be sober for the next photoshoot.

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