After a modest showing in 2021, it appears Jeep is bringing a legit truckload of concepts to the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari at Moab. With little more than a week until the event, we now have the "Trail Marker 6" teaser that actually previews the seventh concept from Jeep. This one, however, isn't an all-new creation.

At least we think it isn't all-new. Last year, the Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept was unveiled as an all-electric off-roader, based on a two-door Rubicon. This new teaser clearly shows Magneto on a white hood, just as we saw before. But now we have the number 20 after it, and in a very short paragraph about the teaser, Jeep mentions pushing "the limits on legendary Jeep 4x4 capability and off-road development even further." Clearly, there's something extra happening here. The question is, are we dealing with a modified version of last year's Magneto concept, or is it another Magneto EV?

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Here's where the plot thickens. We've also seen the number 20 before, very recently in fact. An earlier 2022 Easter Jeep Safari teaser showed the hood of a Wrangler Rubicon with 20 in small script. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the Rubicon trim, and we believe the concept could preview a 20th-anniversary model that will enter production. Could this new Magneto 20 also preview a 20th anniversary trim that might see production for the 2023 model year? Making such an announcement at Moab – where off-road fans can see it in action – could be a smart PR move.

In any event, the Magneto 20 (whatever it ends up being) will be surrounded by a plethora of combustion-powered Jeeps. The teaser campaign opened with a decked-out Gladiator and a Grand Cherokee 4xe hybrid. After that, teaser images have come one at a time and Wranglers are the primary focus. Aside from the aforementioned 20th anniversary Rubicon, we've seen a military-themed Wrangler 4xe and an interesting Wrangler / Gladiator mashup. Literally one day before this Magneto teaser we saw another Wrangler in four-door guise wearing a plethora of custom parts.

The 2022 Easter Jeep Safari kicks off on April 9. That means there's plenty of time for more teasers to appear. 

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