Visiting the great outdoors in a camper van has a few drawbacks. While nature is incredibly close, camper vans aren’t known for providing expansive views from their comfy interiors. Space is a hot commodity in campers, motorhomes, and travel trailers, so a glass wall is impractical in most instances, but Texino is looking to change that. Its new Atrium camper van concept has an expansive bay window at its rear.

Texino is building it right now, but design renderings preview the final product. It looks futuristic with its geometric bay window at the back and angular styling. Two spare tires tuck underneath the window, adding a dash of versatility to the camper’s otherwise minimalist exterior design.

Gallery: Texino Atrium Camper Van Concept

Inside, the bay window houses the camper’s seating area, which looks like it can convert into beds. That will make for some splendid nighttime views and bright morning wake-up calls. The renderings don’t reveal much more than the big window, but the camper does feature a kitchenette with a sink, a stove, and a compact fridge under the counter. The bath looks like it’s positioned between the kitchenette and the cab, which is completely sealed off from the rest of the camper van interior. There’s a door separating the two spaces.

The Atrium, which will ride on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, sports a bold look that’s needed for the geometric bay window. The slab-sided camper van also features three portholes on each side and two skylights on the roof, allowing even more light inside. The camper has a futuristic design inside and out while packing in the camping necessities.

It might not be the most practical camper van design out there, but some would like it and the experiences the windows would provide. As more people hit the road in camper vans, motorhomes, and travel trailers, new products will be needed to meet the growing and diverse customer base. Atrium helps bush those boundaries with a unique design that offers something a bit different. We can’t wait to see Texino finish the concept. Maybe it will enter production one day.

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