Honda has managed to sell all 8,600 units of the S660 allocated for this year in the domestic market where it's exclusively sold.

You would think that most of the cars have been pre-ordered by youngsters, but in reality four in five customers are over 40. Most of them are returning clients and are buying the cute little coupe as a second car, according to company spokesman Misato Fukushima. It was the exact opposite situation with the beloved S2000 as just one in five buyers were over 40.

Honda appreciates that it has longtime buyers, but they do admit that not being able to attract a younger crowd will become an even bigger problem in the future, especially since many young people in Japan don't necessarily feel the need to have a car due to the very efficient public transport system. Another reason for this is related to the stagnating annual incomes, so not a lot of people are willing to make such a big purchase.

Getting back to the S660 at hand, Honda says they will reopen the order books starting October and word on the street says a European version has been green-lighted for production. It will allegedly be called S1000 and could come with a new 1.0-liter turbo pushing out in excess of 127 bhp (95 kW) whereas the S660 comes with a tiny 660cc engine developing 63 bhp (47 kW).

Gallery: Honda S660 sold out this year in Japan; four in five buyers are over 40

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