Off-grid adventures are gaining popularity, not only in the US but for the rest of the world as well. In fact, we've seen countless motorhomes manufactured in Europe – most, if not all, are equally as good as the ones made state-side.

The off-grid rig that we're featuring is neither from North America nor the Old Continent. Caravan Conversion, a company based in India, has introduced a product that truck-loving Americans will surely love – a custom flatbed caravan that can fit into any pickup truck.

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The sample that you see here is a Mahindra Bolero, which is an SUV sold in India and other parts of the world. It's converted into a pickup. The custom-made caravan is then slapped onto its rear, converting the SUV into an off-road-capable motorhome.

The caravan measures 6x6x6 feet (1.82 meters), attached to the flatbed through bolts and pins. The company didn't mention the materials used for the shell, though we're waging it isn't heavy as the Bolero isn't a powerful SUV. Fortunately, the sizing is flexible since the company offers customization depending on the base truck.

On the outside, the product looks like your typical caravan. The cassette A/C sticks out on top plus there's a 300-watt solar panel to power your off-grid adventures. There's a slide-and-drop staircase as well for easy ingress and egress.

Inside, Caravan Conversion touts all-weather insulation, along with fire-retardant wires, battery-operated lights, and charging sockets. There's a full kitchen as well, with a dual tabletop burner and a dual compressor refrigerator. The sink comes with hot and cold water, plus several storage spaces. The bathroom, despite looking small, features a 21-liter portable toilet and handheld shower, also with cold and hot water.

For sleeping, the caravan can actually sleep four people – two on the cab-over bed and two on the sofa bed that's stored quite nicely.

The pricing for this custom flatbed caravan isn't listed on Caravan Conversion's website, but feel free to contact them via the source link below if you think this one fits your current off-grid rig build.

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