puts up spy shots of upcoming vehicles practically every day and sometimes more than that. If you want to stay on the cutting-edge of what's on the way check out this list of all of the glimpses of development vehicles from the past week.

Alpine GT X-Over Spotted Testing Using Modified Dacia Duster Body

Alpine is preparing to add a crossover to its lineup. This example of the GT X-Over rides on a heavily modified Dacia Duster body. The production version arrives by 2025.

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First 2024 Audi Q5 Spy Shots Show Off Next-Gen Crossover’s Redesign

The next-gen Audi Q5 looks more angular. There are tall intakes in the corners of the nose. The back still has placeholder pieces over the taillights.

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Audi RS Q6 E-Tron Spied Melting Snow In The North

Audi is preparing a performance version of the upcoming Q6 E-Tron EV. It could have as much as 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts). Look for the model to arrive in 2023.

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2023 BMW M2 Spied Attacking The Nurburgring At Full Tilt 

The upcoming BMW M2 wears an aggressive front fascia that has square-shaped intakes in the corners. There is a subtle spoiler on the rear. Under the hood, there's a twin-turbo, 3.0-liter inline-six.

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2023 BMW M2 With Center Exhaust Spied Waiting At Red Light

Here are more shots of the M2. At the back, it has an interesting stacked exhaust arrangement. 

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2024 BMW M5 Hybrid Spied Electrifying The Nurburgring

The BMW M5 prepares to become a plug-in hybrid. The camouflage hides a lot, but it seems like there are some complicated aero pieces at the front.

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Ford Is Testing A New Boxy SUV, Could It Be The Fusion Active?

This Ford is a mystery vehicle. It's clearly a crossover, but we aren't sure exactly what model is under development. Our best guess is that this is the new Fusion Active.

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2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Spied Hiding Darker Exterior Trim

GMC is developing a Denali Ultimate version of the Yukon. If it's like the Sierra Denali Ultimate, expect the outside to receive dark chrome trim. Inside, expect to find full-grain leather upholstery and open-pore wood.

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2023 Hyundai Palisade Facelift Spied With Heavy Camouflage

The Hyundai Palisade has a refresh coming. The brand covers the big crossover in lots of camouflage. It seems like there might be significant changes coming for the nose.

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Maserati Folgore Grecale Spied With Folgore GranTurismo As EV Duo

Here are two of Maserati's upcoming EVs, specifically the GranTurismo and Grecale. It plans to use the Folgore branding for them, which is the Italian word for lightning. The styling largely matches the combustion-powered versions. The lack of exhaust pipes is a notable difference.

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New Mini Three-Door Spy Shots Show Hatch Still Covered In Clever Camo

Mini's future is electric. Here's the next generation of the three-door model. The general lines appear to have more curves than the current iteration. We expect this model to debut in 2023.

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Mercedes-AMG SL PHEV Spied With Zero Camouflage

This is the plug-in hybrid version of the Mercedes-AMG SL without a bit of camouflage. Rumors suggest the electrically assisted twin-turbo V8 makes around 800 horsepower (597 kilowatts).

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Refreshed Porsche Cayenne Coupe Facelift Spied Showing Updated Face

This refreshed Porsche Cayenne Coupe wears light camouflage on the front fascia and taillights.

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Porsche 911 Hybrid Spied With Extra Lights At The 'Ring And In Sweden

This batch of photos of the Porsche 911 Hybrid catches it testing at both the Nürburgring and in Sweden. The latest info from the brand's boss tells us that the 911 Hybrid is not a plug-in and uses a small battery.

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