Lamborghini has a new teaser video. Unfortunately, we aren't entirely sure what the Italian automaker has on the way. This 50-second clip shows an Aventador Ultimae speeding through what appears to be a boiler room with lots of steam pipes. At the end, the text indicates that something "Ultimate" is "dropping soon on Web3."

Ethereum cryptocurrency creator Gavin Wood coined the term Web3 in 2014. It's now a hot buzzword in the tech industry. In an interview with Wood about the concept, a story from Wired defines the idea as

"At the most basic level, Web3 refers to a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain. Platforms and apps built on Web3 won’t be owned by a central gatekeeper, but rather by users, who will earn their ownership stake by helping to develop and maintain those services."

To be honest, we aren't entirely sure what Lamborghini intends to do with the Aventador and Web3. It might be another non-fungible token (NFT), though.

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In January 2022, Lamborghini offered the Space Key. This consisted of five small pieces of carbon fiber that had been part of a research project on the International Space Station in 2019. The automaker framed them and added QR codes with a link to an NFT.

Those five NFTs sold for a total of $659,636 in the auctions. Specifically, the prices were $203,636, $126,000, $110,000, $70,000, and $150,000. Lamborghini also established an auction site for selling NFTs.

Lamborghini recently decided to put the Aventador Ultimae back into production after 15 of them sunk on the Felicity Ace while the ship was hauling the supercars to the United States.

The Aventador Ultimae is the most powerful non-hybrid Lamborghini ever. It's supposed to be the final evolution of the V12 supercar before transitioning to hybrid assistance for the next generation.

The naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 makes 769 horsepower (574 kilowatts) and 531 pound-feet (720 Newton-meters) of torque. The model has a dry weigh weight of 3,417 pounds (1,550 kilograms), which is 55 pounds (25 kilograms) less than an Aventador S. The Ultimae reaches 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 2.8 seconds. The top speed is 220.5 mph (355 kph).

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