The latest teaser for a Jeep Easter Safari concept appears to be a Wrangler 4xe Rubicon with a military-inspired body. The company describes the vehicle as: 

The Jeep brand loves a good trip down memory lane, especially during Easter Jeep Safari. This year, the Jeep design team is hard at work on an off-roader that pays homage to a Jeep vehicle of the past. Hint, it blends military grit and determination with 4xe electric vehicle technology.

Judging by the single teaser image, this Wrangler 4xe wears olive drab paint, including on the fenders. The front of the body appears to be stock. The "RU31-Con" lettering on the side of the hood is a stylized way of spelling Rubicon. The tires have a chunky tread pattern. The wheels have a simple, utilitarian design. An American flag is just ahead of the front door. Unfortunately, nothing else is visible.

Judging by Jeep's description, it sounds like this concept takes inspiration from a classic model in military service. The first vehicle that comes to mind is obviously the Willys MB from World War 2. However, there are a few other offerings with experience in the military, like later Willys M38 and Jeep M606.

Easter Jeep Safari Rubicon Teaser
2022 Easter Jeep Safari Teaser Photo
Easter Jeep Safari Wranger Gladiator Teaser

The previously teased vehicles for this year's Jeep Easter Safari include a model that blends the Wrangler and Gladiator. The image suggests that it has a smaller cargo bed than the usual truck in a style that seems similar to the CJ-8 Scrambler pickup from the 1980s.

The company is also bringing a model that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Rubicon name and uses the 392 engine. There's a Cherokee 4xe that appears stock in the teaser image, and Jeep says electrifies "both on- and off-pavement adventures." Plus, an enigmatic Gladiator is only visible as a partial QR code for now. 

This year's Jeep Easter Safari runs from April 9 through 17. Last year, the company brought four concepts to the event. In 2019, there were six. So far, we've seen five for 2022, suggesting the possibility of at least one more still to get a teaser.

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