Rolls-Royce has revealed yet another unique Wraith model - the Wraith Inspired by Music.

The car “appeals to those looking to Rolls-Royce for unique and creative motor cars,” commented Torsten Müller Otvos, chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

The British producer explains the construction of the Wraith Inspired by Music “blends the finest components” with “the skill of the most eminent experts in their field”. These characteristics and the “precious materials” used in the Bespoke Audio system are “brought very much to the fore”, creating “the most exclusive music venue”, also says the company.

The Wraith Inspired by Music comes finished in Lyrical Copper exterior paint. Inside the cabin notable are the “re-imagined” speaker grilles, presented in copper theme and engraved with the words ‘Bespoke Audio’. The door panniers and floor mats have been crafted from “finely-woven” leather, while there are also copper-colored door inserts.

According to Rolls-Royce, the 1300W, 18 channel Bespoke Audio system was created from scratch by a team of the world’s very best automotive audio engineers. It was developed in two years and the process saw the team work closely with Rolls-Royce interior designers. The system features two bass speakers, seven tweeters and seven mid-range speakers.

Further details can be found at the press release section below.

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