Opel has released the first renderings of the Astra TCR. It will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Opel has released the first renderings of the Astra TCR.

Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the race car is based on the 2016 Astra and is designed to compete in the TCR series which consists of national and continental championships as well as the global TCR International Series.  Opel says this is ideal as a "TCR vehicle can be used worldwide without undergoing any technical modifications."

Detailed specifications will be released at a later date but the car will apparently use a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that produces 330 PS (242 kW) and up to 410 Nm (302 lb-ft) of torque. The renderings also suggest the model will have an aggressive front fascia, a ventilated hood and a wide body kit.  We can also see a rear wing and a diffuser which is flanked by two massive exhaust tips.

In a statement, Opel Group CMO Tina Müller said “Touring car racing has always been an important part of Opel. The philosophy of the new TCR series corresponds to our idea of customer racing. We want to give ambitious privately owned teams a platform for exciting sport at reasonable costs."

Opel Astra TCR race car teased for Frankfurt