If you allow us to give our two cents, we’d say Ford’s current global sedan portfolio is very unstructured, to say the least. The company killed the traditional three-box body style in the United States and it is about to retire the Mondeo in Europe later this month. Meanwhile, a brand new generation Mondeo is already on sale in China and it also has a crossover-like liftback version. It seems that Ford is developing a successor for the Fusion and Mondeo, after all, but it won’t have a sedan shape. Not at all.

These first spy photos suggest the automaker is indeed working on a new boxy SUV that will probably replace the Fusion and Mondeo in the hierarchy. Obviously, this is not a sedan but a large utility with a very edgy shape, though it’s still in the early stages of development and we can’t tell much about its design. However, even with all the camouflage, there seem to be enough hints at the overall design language.

Gallery: New Ford SUV first spy photos

If we are not mistaken, it seems that Ford will use a variation of the design language seen in the Mondeo and Evos for the Chinese market. More precisely, the Equator and Equator Sport (see the related links below) could be a very strong indication of what this new SUV could look like. It’s worth pointing out that these spy shots were taken in Northern Europe, which likely means we are dealing with a new global product from Ford.

Not much else can be said at the moment, besides the fact that this prototype has an exhaust pipe. This confirms it has a combustion engine under the hood but whether it is driving the wheels directly or is in a combination with some sort of a hybrid system, it’s impossible to tell for now. Large Michelin winter tires are responsible for delivering traction for the big SUV.

According to some reports, this vehicle could actually become the all-new Fusion Active. That’s unconfirmed for now, though there have been numerous reports about Ford resurrecting the moniker for a high-riding machine. We are eager to learn more and we will definitely share all the information with you, so stay tuned.

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