In a recent TikTok by @mach1cody, we see the questionable engine oil from a swamped Ford Bronco. This 6th generation Bronco has seen better days as the video shows it has clearly suffered from an extreme water immersion event. So what does a Bronco looks like after you submerge it in muddy water?

Details about exactly what happened to this Ford Bronco are scarce but based on video footage and comments found on the forum its clear that this SUV was a victim of an extreme water event. The TikTok video shows oil being drained from the Bronco’s engine clearly has something wrong with it. The oil looks more like chocolate milk than the usual look of used oil. This interesting look is the result of water intrusion into the vehicle’s engine oiling system which wreaks havoc on this critical lubrication system.


The Bronco shown in the video has its body removed, leaving only the muddy frame and drivetrain components behind. The engine bay is also more sparse than usual as the radiator and other ancillary components are also missing.

We’re not sure what happened to this particular Ford but it’s very clear that an extreme water event was the cause of this Bronco’s downfall. The new Ford Bronco Everglades edition can ford 36.4-inches of water as the most aquatically adept Bronco. A regular Ford Bronco can ford 33.5-inches of water, which makes the Bronco a very water-capable machine in any trim.

It’s no secret that Ford Broncos live tough lives. Take for example a recent mishap at Moab when a Bronco owner accidentally rolled their Bronco while attempting to traverse a steep obstacle.

This swamped Ford Bronco may never drive again due to the extensive water damage. Based on the condition of the oil there is also possible engine damage which would only add to the repair bill for this muddy machine.

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