Our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz Passion.de have photographed the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213's taillight cluster.

You probably have seen your fair share of 2016 E-Class spy shots and videos so the very familiar teardrop-shaped taillight cluster isn't a surprise. It looks a lot like the one fitted by Mercedes-Benz on the smaller C and larger S models, but with slightly different graphics while the technology implemented is largely borrowed from its bigger sibling. This new configuration means the E-Class will lose its horizontal wide taillights that extend onto the tailgate on the outgoing E.

At night, these new taillights will work at an 80% brightness level compared to daytime and the light's intensity will drop to 60% when the car is stopped. This auto-dimming tech is being implemented as a measure to reduce glare and avoid disturbing other drivers in traffic.

We will have to wait a little bit more until the W213 generation will be out as Mercedes-Benz has promised to stage the world premiere of its new mid-size sedan in January 2016 at NAIAS. Until then, expect even more spy images and videos along with some official details from Mercedes-Benz to build up hype even further.

Additional live images can be found at the source link below.

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