Over the years, the creations from the Woodworking Art YouTube channel caught our attention. From sports cars to SUVs, the artist behind the page created some of the most detailed and functional wood models for our entertainment.

The last model created from the channel was a Nissan Navara Pro-4X. Much like the previous works in the past few months, the Navara was one of the most detailed so far. The artist replicated the mid-size truck's intricate design details, such as the creases on the tailgate and the grille pattern.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Debut

This time around, Woodworking Art made another pick-up from timber. It's an American truck, but it's not from Ford, RAM, or General Motors. The channel's most recent completed project is a Tesla Cybertruck. Amusingly, the wooden Cybertruck comes into existence even before the production version of the EV truck rolls out.

The truck's straight and simple lines make carving out its body sound like an easy task. However, the artist put a great deal of effort into bringing out the small details of the polygonal truck. Either way, forming its exterior isn't as straightforward as it looks.

It's the small details that fascinate us with all Woodworking Art builds. For instance, the artist did a swell job replicating the concept's interior. From the center console to the yoke, it's pretty close to the real deal. If that's not enough, the wooden scale model also replicates the telescoping tailgate seen in the concept version.

As for the real Cybertruck, Tesla pushed back the production start to 2023. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the delay, adding that they hope to get at least one version launched next year.

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