Technically speaking, these aren't spy shots of a Ford Bronco. It's not a new trim level, nor is hiding facelifted sheet metal under a camouflage wrap. Actually, its colorful exterior adorned with various company logos is the opposite of camouflage, as this off-roader sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. Riding high on massive tires sticking well beyond the fenders helps in that department, too.

Hardcore Ford Bronco fans might recognize this vehicle. It was built last year by Expedition Vehicle Outfitters in Michigan, working with Dana Incorporated to showcase all kinds of upgrades available for the reborn off-roader. That's why Dana (and by association, Spicer) have such prominent branding on the Bronco. As for the red-white-blue color scheme, that's not just a random design. It pays homage to the Rough Riders off-road team from the 1990s, which Ford backed in numerous off-road events.

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Some of the modifications include a Dana 60 axle at the back and Spicer CV shafts in front, adjustable coilover suspension, upgraded control arms, beefy driveshafts, all the stuff you'd expect for a hardcore 4x4. The tires arguably grab the most attention here, as they are massive 40-inchers on snazzy beadlock wheels. Even with a pair of custom fenders, the tires don't come close to fitting beneath the Bronco.

And now for the million-dollar question. Ford Performance is involved with this rig as well – it carries some parts such as the light bar over the windshield, and it was on display at the Ford Performance booth for last year's SEMA show. These photos capture the truck near Ford headquarters in Dearborn, but to be more specific, it's trolling through a business park where the likes of Roush and Ford Performance tinker with vehicles. Could some additional Blue Oval upgrades be in the works?

It's certainly not typical to see a show truck such as this out for a casual stroll. In any case, our spy team grabbed some photos because hey, wouldn't you snap some shots if you saw a custom Bronco hanging out in the Ford Performance playground?

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