Mercedes-Benz has ruled out the possibility of launching a production car with a water injection system due to technical difficulties.

While BMW is just about ready to roll out the M4 GTS with a water injection system, arch rival Mercedes-Benz through the voice of board member Thomas Weber says they are not planning something similar in the foreseeable future. He motivated his answer by mentioning the benefits provided by this technology are not on par with the necessary investments.

The Daimler-owned marque will continue to keep an eye on water injection, but admits that right now it's too difficult to implement the technology into a production car. Weber told Motoring "the biggest problem is where the water comes from. So far what we found is that we can cool it (cylinder temperatures) down with combustion but from the efficiency point of view, it’s not the optimal way to do that."

In the meantime, Weber's counterpart at BMW, Klaus Fröhlich, mentions the water injection system will bring a boost in the engine's output and it will also lower emissions at the same time. The technology has so far been installed in the 2015-spec M4 Coupe MotoGP safety car and also in a prototype of the 1-Series with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine developing 218 PS (160 kW).

The first production BMW to use the tech will be the M4 GTS (name not confirmed) which will have a modified TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter engine delivering close to 500 PS (368 kW) which is substantially more than the regular M4's 431 PS (317 kW) output.

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