The second generation of the Nissan Leaf is believed to include an expanded lineup with a crossover body style.


It seems Nissan wants to capitalize on the Leaf's growing success by introducing a crossover version based on the second-gen which is due next year or in 2017 at the latest. This move makes sense since the crossover segment is still booming and we already have signs from other automakers about their intentions of launching zero-emission high-riding models.


The standard Leaf will solider on with the five-door hatchback body style and according to the latest gossip it will have an improved hardware that will grant a maximum range of 249 miles (400 km). The crossover will likely be a tad bigger and heavier, but Nissan will probably compensate the added weight by installing more batteries so the range should be roughly in the same ballpark.

Until the new Leaf comes out, Nissan is just about ready to launch an updated version of the current generation which is believed to receive a new battery with a 30 kWh capacity that will increase range from 84 miles (135.1 km) to an EPA-estimated 125 miles (201.1 km). However, the real world range will probably stand at around 105-110 miles (168.9-177 km).


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