Despite rumors of a lightweight Cayman RS version going back to 2006, such a version is highly doubtful as Porsche risks cannibalizing sales of the 911.

According to, Porsche is planning a special Cayman S Sport version intended to celebrate Porsche's 60th anniversary while also attempting to boost last Cayman sales prior to the arrival of the facelifted Cayman.

The Cayman S Sport will most likely receive a package similar to last years Porsche Boxster S Sport Edition in the UK, with sports chrono pack, upgraded brakes and beefier suspension plus a GT3 inspired two-tone color scheme with matching wheels plus a few extra horses under the hood. states the price will be a few thousand more at about £47k in the UK.

The only part we find doubtful are the highly revered RS graphics being used on a minor trim package special edition. If Porsche does make such a move, they will certainly get an earfull from RS owners.