It may sound a little weird at first thought, but the hypercar segment currently is very crowded. In fact, there’s no actual definition of what a hypercar means but in general, this is a limited, high-performance, top-of-the-line supercar that costs a lot. It’s difficult to say which model started the hypercar segment — some say this was the McLaren F1 — but there are now several vehicles that compete in this niche segment. It seems that there’s always room for more, though.

A new company established in Vienna, Austria, some two years ago is preparing to launch its first product. Deus Automobiles wants to take on the competition by offering its “fresh and objective vision and innovative concepts in terms of luxury, performance, and exclusivity.” Admittedly, that’s a pretty vague statement, though an official press release confirms the new hypercar will have a purely electric powertrain developed in cooperation with Williams and Italdesign. 

The Italian company will provide strategic and technical support for Deus, mostly helping the company integrate “emerging and innovative vehicle technologies.” In turn, Williams will work on providing battery and electrification technologies, which likely means it will supply the battery pack and the electric powertrain. For now, however, Deus is not ready to release any specific details about the technical aspect of the project.

From the information available so far, we believe the new electric hypercar is not really nearing the end of its development. Deus doesn’t reveal anything about its design and technologies, aside from a single teaser image showing the rear end of the vehicle. It looks to be rather fluid in shape with an interesting oval LED strip at the back, which likely acts as a brake light. There’s a prominent diffuser in the lower section of the rear fascia but that’s about everything that can be said for now.

However, Deus promises to release more details very soon and a full debut is scheduled for the New York International Auto Show in April this year. We are eager to learn more about this fresh new competitor for the Pininfarina Battista, NIO EP9, Rimac Nevera, Lotus Evija, and the likes, and we will share all the information we receive, so stay tuned.

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