Driving comes with plenty of hazards. Inclement weather and other drivers can add a heap of danger to the act, but countless other issues could give drivers a throbbing headache – like four mysteriously flat tires. That’s what one Ohio woman experienced after traveling behind a truck hauling scrap metal that hadn’t secured its load, leaving a trail of shards and tortured tires in its wake.

The incident happened outside Orrville, Ohio, on State Route 57 and Route 585. It’s unclear how many cars were damaged, but Flynn’s Tire in the city reported earlier this month that it had handled 25 cases a day for a week related to the issue.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation discovered a Catrone Trucking pickup had been hauling pieces of scrap metal small enough to slip through the gaps in the container. The company is cooperating with the police as it works with its insurance company to reimburse affected drivers who had to pay to replace their tires. The police cited the driver for driving with an unsecured load.

One driver discovered 14 pieces of metal in one tire, with many pieces measuring less than an inch long. The woman who spoke with Fox 8 about her four flat tires also discovered the pieces punctured her radiator.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Ray Santiago told Fox 8 that some owners weren’t immediately aware of any problems. It took days for some tires to start going flat. The pieces are tiny and might not have immediately punctured the tire after getting stuck in the tire. The Ohio Department of Transportation sent a crew with a truck outfitted with a large magnet to clean up the highway, attempting to pull up any remaining shards.

It’s certainly a downer to have one or all four of your tires go flat for simply driving on the road. It’s something any of us could experience because it’s outside our control. Even eagled-eyed drivers would likely miss these tiny pieces of metal littering the road. There is not much one can do to prepare for such incidents, but at least the trucking company is trying to make things right. 

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