It's safe to say Lotus' desire to hype up the Type 132 before its official reveal at the end of the month isn't going as planned. Norfolk's first SUV and second EV after the Evija hypercar showed its swoopy shape last week in patent images published by IP Australia. A new batch of grainy photos from a different patent bureau has emerged, and this time around, we get to see the interior in full.

There are no doubts about the authenticity of the images as they perfectly match what Lotus has been showing in teasers. The large tablet-like touchscreen for the infotainment system is what caught our attention, and as we've seen already, it will tilt forward when in use and rest on the dashboard when inactive. Details about how big it is are not available, but surely the display's diagonal must be at least 15 inches.

Gallery: 2023 Lotus Type 132 patent images

With such a large screen, it's no wonder there are few physical controls since most functions have been integrated into the infotainment. The Lotus Type 132 has a wireless charging pad to juice up your smartphone, and speaking of juices, you'll notice two cup holders. The center console hosts a few switches while the armrest has a split-opening layout.

Made in Wuhan, China, the electric SUV has a four-seat layout judging on the number of headrests, but the rear compartment is wide enough to accommodate a third person. Speaking of which, the rear bench seems to be split into three for extra flexibility, while all four seats have electric adjustments. The completely flat floor design suggests the Type 132 will ride on a dedicated EV platform and it's going to be another electric model with a "floating" center console for extra storage capacity.

As far as size is concerned, Lotus has previously stated the platform its SUV will use is being engineered for vehicles with a wheelbase measuring 2889 to 3100 millimeters (113.7 to 122 inches). The generous distance between the axles will allow the engineers to install batteries as large as 120 kWh, complete with 800V tech for fast-charging capabilities.

It is believed the Type 132 will come with all-wheel drive courtesy of dual electric motors pumping out anywhere between 600 to 700 horsepower. As far as weight is concerned, we're estimating it's going to tip the scales at over 2,000 kilograms (4,409 lbs) since the Evija hypercar already weighs 1,680 kg (3,700 lbs).

We will know what's what on March 29 when the Lotus Type 132 will finally break cover, likely with a different name. "Lambda" has been mooted, but nothing is official yet.

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