The next-generation Ford Mustang is coming. We've seen spy photos and we've confirmed V8 power in an up-close spy video. Ford announced intentions to go racing with a GT3 Mustang in 2024, so we already have quite a few pieces of the next pony puzzle. Now, we have an interpretation of how the new Mustang might look.

It's important to note this is indeed an unofficial interpretation. The video comes from The Sketch Monkey, and though it is based on spy photos, we've only seen vehicles in heavy camouflage. Details are still well hidden, but some spy shots have at least offered a hint of what's happening underneath, notably with the Mustang's face. As such, that's the crux of this project. And if it's accurate, Ford's pony car won't stray too far from the current formula.

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If there's just one word to describe this rendering, it's clean. Using body lines visible through heavy camouflage, the grille is imagined slightly narrower and with clear cues from the Mustang Mach-E. In essence, it turns the current Mustang's frown upside down, creating a grille that looks a bit happier. It matches cleanly with narrow headlights that are also imagined from spy shots, suggesting the lenses will gradually grow larger as they reach into the fenders. The sharp corner vents on the current Mustang's lower fascia are gone, replaced by conservative rectangular openings connected by a lower grille spanning the width of the car.

We've yet to have a clear look at the next-gen car without substantial coverings. However, we've seen enough to know the overall shape will be very similar to the current car. Dimensions look nearly the same, from the overall height to the slope of the roof and even the angle of the rear fascia. It's safe to say the new Mustang will adopt an evolutionary approach, keeping it universal enough to win the hearts of a global audience.

Will it be enough, however, to entice wayward buyers in the United States? Ford's pony car had its worst sales year ever in 2021, marking a years-long slide that actually saw the Dodge Challenger take the Mustang's best-selling crown for North America. We have to think executives in Dearborn are at least a little bit concerned about that.

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