The current-generation X1 is the oldest crossover in the BMW line-up to date. It debuted in 2015 with a Mini-based platform, and it's about to hit its seventh year in production. A facelift in 2019 delayed the car's aging, but either way, BMW's smallest crossover is due for a redesign.

According to BMW, the third-generation X1 will debut this year, in line with the brand's seven-year life cycle for each model. Recent spy shots also suggest that the launch is relatively close as the test cars shed more camouflage. Because of that, we're able to stitch together what the road-going version might look like once launched.

Gallery: This Is What The 2023 BMW X1 Might Look Like Once Launched

It seems that BMW will take a cautious approach for the all-new X1. The wide grille remains, but it won't be like the XM or have the controversial "buck teeth" design of the 4 Series. Our render also shows larger and more rakish headlights versus the outgoing model. The bumper is well hidden in the test vehicles, but we reckon the future X1 will have vertical corner air intakes. Overall, the new look is the opposite of the brand's recent (and opinion-dividing) models and concepts.

As for the size, we're not expecting it to grow much more than the outgoing model. We reckon it will still stay under 180 inches in length since most of its competitors are about the same. However, it might gain a few inches in width and height to make more space inside. For reference, the current X1 is 174.8 inches long (4,439 mm), 71.7 inches (1,821 mm) wide, and 63.5 inches (1,612 mm) tall.

While the exterior might be more evolutionary than revolutionary, we're expecting more dramatic changes inside. Recent spy shots suggest a wide floating screen that houses the instrument cluster and infotainment system. The center console consists of a lengthy center armrest and storage bin with the iDrive controls right at the end. There is also a sizable cubby hole just below the center stack.

As for engines, it could be an array of mild-hybrid gas and turbodiesels, along with at least one plug-in hybrid option. A high-performance M35i version is in the works, along with an all-electric iX1 model.

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