Chevrolet is making a significant push into the crossover space over the next few years, especially EVs. We know an electric Blazer is on the way, as is a new battery-powered Equinox, and now Chevy is testing another CUV. We don’t know the name of this vehicle yet, but rumors suggest it could sit between the Trailblazer and larger Blazer.

Our spy photographers captured the new crossover testing near the automaker's facilities in Michigan, and although it's covered in camouflage, the prototype looks unlike any crossover currently in the Chevy lineup. The vehicle sits relatively high off the ground and has large-ish rims. It also features a sloping roofline that affords it a crossover-coupe-like look.

The camo hides the front fascia well, but the large lower grille and the shape of the headlight fixtures – while not a direct match – nearly resemble cues from the Trailblazer and Blazer. The taillights are unlike anything we've seen in the current Chevy lineup, but they could be temporary housings to keep us off the scent.

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The wheelbase of this prototype appears longer than the Trailblazer, with more length than the subcompact crossover, as well. But beyond what we can see in these limited pictures, it's hard to tell what's hiding underneath all the camo.

Rumors point to a Trailblazer or Blazer coupe, given the prototype's sloped roofline. And there's definitely evidence to suggest that could be the case. With this yet-to-be-named vehicle added to the US lineup, that would theoretically make nine crossovers for Chevy. And that's before the Blazer and Equinox EVs join the fray.

We know that the Blazer and Equinox EVs won't show up in production form until at least 2024, even though we did see the sharp Equinox EV concept earlier this year at CES. It's unclear what kind of powertrain might propel the prototype pictured here, but even with Chevy's extensive electrification effort, this prototype doesn’t look like an EV at first glance.

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