Forget what people are saying about age being just a number. The truth of the matter is there are downsides to getting older. However, that doesn't necessarily mean we should give up on driving after reaching a certain age. As long as we're in good health and able to pay attention to the road, the pleasure of driving shouldn't be taken away from us.

Sure, frequent health checks are in order after reaching 60 or so, but the elderly mustn't automatically turn in their driver's license. We've written in the past about old-timers buying Corvettes, and now we have something completely different. It's still a performance car, albeit less hardcore as this sweet 79-year-old lady just purchased a 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI. She's actually on her fifth Grand Touring Injection from Wolfsburg, so it's safe to say she has quite the appetite for the German hot hatch.


She has been driving VWs for the last 50 years and her soft spot for the GTI is easy to understand since the sporty Golf is a solid compact all-rounder. In case you're curious how much it costs in South Africa where this car was purchased, a standard GTI retails for the equivalent of $45,000 at current exchange rates. That makes the US-spec model a bargain, at only $29,545. As a matter of fact, the SA-spec Golf GTI is even more expensive than the $43,645 Golf R sold in the US.

The footage shared on social media by a salesperson was recorded at the Hatfield Volkswagen dealership in Rivonia on delivery day. By the big smile on her face, it seems the old lady was excited to get behind the wheel of her shiny new black GTI. We sincerely hope we'll be just as passionate about cars as she is in her golden years.

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